Tools used

The Lecher Antenna was designed by Ernst Lecher specifically to detect very subtle energy fields. Ernst Lecher was the Head of the first Austrian University to study Quantum Physics.  The Antenna is able to identify matching (resonant) wavelengths in organic, electro-magnetic and geological substances as well as measure the unseen fields around the human being.

Being able to identify wave lengths allows you to understand information on a new level. You can determine the quality of multiple energetic fields and see how they effect  human systems.

Therefore, when you know the wave length or frequency of an object, the Lecher Antenna can help you detect any disruptions  and then indicate precise solutions to correct them. It is used by engineers and technicians  all over the world to measure and correct disturbances of a  geopathic, ambient and other environmental nature and by health care professionals to identify health perturbations and restore any imbalances – thus centering all the energy fields and optimizing the flow of vital energy around the person.

The Lecher Antenna is a potent diagnostic instrument which can be used tor test and check ecological substances and their effect on animal well being as well as humans.

The Cyma Protocols are designed to be used in conjunction with the Lecher Antenna in a way that prioritizes the person’s energetic needs and cultivates a very precise and personalized restorative balancing for the whole person.