No. Title Price (₹) Price ($) Select Test
1. Scanning of Parliament House 10000 175 Add to cart
2. Scanning of Legislative assemblies 10000 175 Add to cart
3. Scanning of Ministers House and office area 10000 175 Add to cart
4. Scanning of Government Hospitals and Healthcare Centres 10000 175 Add to cart
5. Scanning of Prisons 10000 175 Add to cart
6. Scanning of Educational Institutes 10000 175 Add to cart
7. Scanning of Army Traning Centres 10000 175 Add to cart
8. Scanning for Airports Runway for possible Accidents zones 10000 175 Add to cart
9. Scanning for Highway killing accident zones 10000 175 Add to cart
10. Scanning for Any Public places 10000 175 Add to cart
11. Scanning for Hotels and Resort area 10000 175 Add to cart
12. Scanning for PTSD/ADHD syndroms in soldiers and students 10000 175 Add to cart

Please send following details while selecting any test for remote scanning

    1. Detailed postal address or Google link address point for testing locations.
    2. Latest digital pictures for locations to be scanned from inside and outside in addition to address if possible.
    3. Fresh digital full image for human body scanning.
    4. Contact details and email id for sending report after scanning.
    5. All remote scanning performed using Lecher Nano wavelength Antenna. Such expertise is rare and possible after 20 years of experience .
    6. Live infrared also known as paranormal scanning in religious definition . It is purely a matter of belief of each individual. We only use physics to identify presence of invisible entities by detecting wavelength presence as per theory of Lecher Antenna which is one of the most accurate tool for detecting microwaves on its analog plane.
    7. This area of remote dowsing is called Geocosmancy. It is neither Vastu nor fengsui.
    8. All tests are performed using Lecher Nano waves Antenna detection methods.
    9. Every visible or invisible object emits certain wavelength and based on this principle above tests are performed.
    10. Such test requires high quality mind, body and soul power for person handling such tests.

There is a rare possibility of human error during testing based on time, location and nature of scanning.