Comparision >>> (Geocosmancy) Vs. (Vastu,Fengsuie & other methods)

Sr. No. Protection and Shileding capacity (tested on Lecher tools) Geocosmancy Geomancy Vastu +
1 Solutions Based on which Method ? Science of Frequency Science of frequency Religious Directional
2 whether it Locks all Earth Radiations yes 100% partial yes No
3 whether it locks human & animal bones Radiations yes 100% yes No
4 whether it locks buried land negativity yes 100% yes partial No
5 whether it locks geopathic cancer lines yes 100% yes No
6 whether it locks live entities radiations arising from Earth yes 100% yes No
7 whether it locks earth Radiactive minerals waves yes 100% partial yes No
8 whether it locks Space natural radiations yes 100% No No
9 whether it locks Infra red 1 of 3.33 cm ( so called Entities Black Magic) yes 100% No No
10 whether it locks infra red 2 of 13 cm ( so called Live soul entities) yes 100% No No
11 whether it locks infra res 3 of 16 cm ( so called Devil waves The Worst Radiations) yes 100% No No
12 whether it protects Human body Aura range yes 100% No No
13 whether it enhances body chakra energy sharply yes 100% No No
14 whether it enhances Soul Energy sharply yes 100% No No
15 whether it provides shielding against unknown entities & Paranormal yes 100% No No
16 Product Reliability very high average uncertain
17 How many such experts in the world hardly few 200 to 500 2000+
18 Solutions Effect Instant Slow uncertain
19 Solution Life span > 2000 years 5-10 years uncertain
20 Energy generation ability in Bovis Unit infinite high units few lacs Units Few Thousands units
21 Whether total shileding is possible ? Earth ,Space, Human body yes 100% No, only earth NO