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1. Baron Gustav von Pohl. Germany (1920s) Von Pohl was able to determine that 2.5 of all the homes surveyed had some form of geopathic stress. He also determined that 95% of all cancer cases had connections to geostress.

2. Ernst Hartmann. Germany (1940s-60s) Hartmann was the first to describe the global geomagnetic grids and their influence on geostress. After extensive testing that spanned over 30 years of research, he concluded that cancer is a disease of location.

3. Manfred Curry. Germany (1950s-70s) Curry continued on Hartmanns work, describing other global grids and their influences.

4. Blanche Merz. Switzerland (1920s) Merz was able to correlate geostresses to cancer, noting full moon variations, as well as correlations of north/south lines to cramps and rheumatism, and east/west lines to inflammation.

5. Ralf Gordon. England (1980s-90s) Gordon correlated cancers of the lung, breast, and cervix with geostress in 90% of all cases he studied.

6. Otto Bergmann. Austria (1987-89) In a two year trial which included over 462,000 measurements in 6,942 tests, Bergmann found geopathic stress effects on blood sedimentation, blood pressure, blood circulation, heart beat, breathing, skin resistance, and electrical conductivity of muscle points.

7. Kathe Bacheler. Austria (1989) In a survey that included 3,000 apartments and over 11,000 people, Bacheler discovered 100% correlations between geopathic stress and 500 cases of cancer she studied. She also found 95% correlation with problem children.

8. Pallegard. Denmark (1990) In a much publicized study, Pallegard correlated geostress in 14 out of 18 crib deaths.

9. Roger Rose. England (1990s) In a sample of 50 patients with myalic encephalomyelitis, Rose found 100 % correlation to geostress.

10. Christopher McNaney. England (1990s) In a sample of 175 nomadic gypsy families, he found only 1% cancer and 0% heart disease.

11. Robert Endrost & Klotz Biberach. Germany (1990s) In a study performed by architectural students surveying homes, Endrost & Biberach found 383 cases of geostress in a sample of 400 cancer patients.

12. Dr. W. Stark of Salzburg puts forward the following explanation: Many aspects of human metabolism depend on bio electric processes. Electro-physiological studies who that on assimilation of nutrients from the intestines into the lymph and blood stream depends on the polarization of electrical charges. On one side of the cell membrane are plus charges (+), on the other side are negative charges (-). Nutrients are transported from the intestines into the lymph and bloodstream when plus charges are allowed to re-enter the cell. Geopathic Stress will disturb this polarity in living cells.

13. Continuous signals from our brain control our body and enable it to function correctly at all times. Concentrated Geopathic Stress blot out these signals so strongly that the flow of information to the cells, glands and organs is more or less stopped. This has an adverse effect on the body. The stronger the disturbance the weaker the flow of information and the more marked the symptoms and pains become.Geopathic Stress has a strong effect on the correct functioning of the lymphatic system. The lymph fluid transports lymphocytes and antibodies, which are continuously patrolling through the body, ready to fight and destroy any foreign cells, such as bacteria, viruses or cancer cells. If the lymphatic system is not healthy, it is unable to destroy foreign cells, thus enabling cancer cells to grow and multiply. Your whole immune system is weakened .

14. Geopathic Stress is mainly caused by narrow paths of water about 200 – 300 ft (60 – 90 meters) below ground (also on top of mountains). The narrow water path creates an electromagnetic field, which distorts the earth’s natural vibrations, as these pass through the water. It is in particular the 7.83Hz (cycles per second) which are beneficiary and which we have lived with for millions of years. This is also the optimum part of the Schumann waves and Alpha vibrations. It has been confirmed by NASA the 7.83 Hz vibrations are incorporated into spacecrafts, otherwise the astronauts could only live in space a short time. Certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, moving underground plateaux and underground cavities can also disturb the natural earth vibrations. Strong Geopathic Stress can cause the body’s vibrations to rise as high as 250Hz. The U.S. scientist George Lakowsky confirmed in the thirties that humans (as well as animals) have less chance of fighting bacteria, viruses and parasites above 180 Hz, so they love humans and animals that vibrate at high levels.

15. The Chinese knew the harm Geopathic Stress (GS) could cause over 4,000 years ago and avoided building houses on stressful places they called ‘dragon lines’. From a Neolithic (New Stone Age) village in Orkney, through to many Bronze Age hut circles in Dartmoor, to American habitation sites of the Adena and Hopewell people and the homes of the Inca residents high in the Andes – the inhabitants never built their homes over these life destructive high vibrations.The first recorded use of divining is thought to be in the ‘Caves of Tasseli nAjjer’ in the foothills of the Atlas mountains, which were discovered in 1949. They contain prehistoric cave murals, one of which depicts a dowser surrounded by his fellow tribesmen dowsing for water. These paintings have been proven to be at least 8,000 years old by means of the carbon 14 process.

16. Divining was known everywhere in ancient times by the Egyptians, Hebrews, Persians, Druids, Greeks, Romans, Hindus and the American Indians. Very little is mentioned of diving by ancient scribes and historians, as the art was a powerful and well kept secret.
The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had at least two diviners with her at all times, not looking for water, but for gold. Use of the technique is recorded by the Egyptians (3,000B.C.) and after the flight from Egypt the Hebrews are thought to have acquired good knowledge in divining. The activities of their leader Moses are recorded in the Bible: ‘thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink’ (Exodus 17:5-6) ‘ Take the rod….. and speak ye unto the rock…. and it shall give forth water’ (Numbers 20:10-11) which indicates that Moses was a skilled diviner. The Chinese Emperor Tu (2200 B.C.) is pictured with a divining rod. Druids no doubt divined for the correct site for Stonehenge.

17. The ancient art of divining has been misunderstood and condemned throughout history, mainly because it could not be explained how, by divining, one could find out about people and places in any great detail. In many cases distances make no difference. Many in the medical and religious professions have now accepted divining as a tool so long as it is for the good of mankind.In 1959 Verne Cameron, a Californian dowser demonstrated to the amazement of Vice Admiral Maurice E. Curtis and his fellow officers in the US Navy that he could accurately locate the position and depth of the submarines in the Pacific and distinguish between US and Russian submarines. Years later Cameron applied for a passport and was refused as the Navy contacted the CIA who considered him a security risk.
The British Army has used dowsing to find land mines in the Falklands and the Gulf. The US marines in Vietnam were trained to dowse for booby traps and sunken mortar shells.

18. As far back as 1929, Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a German scientist and one of Germany’s most talented dowsers, carried out many investigations which supported his theory that ‘one will not get cancer unless one spends some time in Geopathic Stress places, e.g. lying in one’s bed’. He devised a scale from 1-16 and found that any Geopathic Stress lines above the strength of 9 were cancer inducing. This was proved to the satisfaction of the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, who subsequently published his findings. In 1930, he read a paper to the Medical Congress in Munich, which inspired many doctors to carry out their own research.In his book ‘ Earth Currents – Causative Factor of Cancer and other Diseases’, von Pohl gives an account of how he drew onto a map of a town called Vilsbiburg (a Bavarian town with a stable population) all the Geopathic Stress Lines he could locate by dowsing. He was not familiar with the town and the operation was stringently supervised by Council officials and the Police, so he could not communicate with anyone and be given pertinent information which might influence his findings. A doctor then produced the details of the 54 people who had died from cancer since records were kept which were then compared to von Pohl’s map .

19. To the amazement of all present every single person who had died of cancer had slept for some time in a bed located exactly over GS lines. After this, he investigated the town of Grafenau with exactly the same results. Later he returned to Vilsbiburg where another 11 had died of cancer and all had slept in a GS place. Von Pohl estimates 1/40th of 2.5% of the earth’s surface is affected by Geopathic Stress. So what is the chance factor involved in these experiments? Is is purely coincidence that all cases investigated involved people sleeping in a GS affected area? The possibility of chance here is small and the results of these studies were accepted as clear and decisive. Many doctors attempted to disprove Von Pohl’s findings but none were successful. Dr. Rambeau M.D. President of the Chamber of Medicine in Marburg, failed over three years to find cancer patients whose beds were NOT located in a GS place. Numerous scientific studies have since validated von Pohl’s theory.

20. Dr. Hager, President of the Scientific Association of Medical Doctors with the help of a professional dowser Privy Councillor C. Williams checked the houses of 5,438 people in the town of Stettin, who had died of cancer and found in all cases that strong GS lines had crossed their homes. Of special interest was a survey of three homes for elderly people in the town over the previous five years. In the home with strong GS was found 38 had died of cancer. In the home with weak GS, 2 had died of cancer. In the home with no GS at all no body had died from cancer. In 5 houses built over particularly strong GS places he found an average of 38 cancer cases in 21 years.Dr. H. Nieper MD states: 92% of all my cancer patients and 75% of my MS patients are Geopathically Stressed’.Dr. Nieper is a world renowned cancer specialist and operates one of the largest MS practices in the world.Dr. E. Hartman MD is convinced after treating thousands of cancer patients over 30 years in practice that CANCER IS A DISEASE OF LOCATION caused by Geopathic Stress.

21. During a scientific test Dr. Manfred Curry a medical doctor and biochemist searched several houses where cancer patients had previously lived. Dr. Curry did not know the patients nor the details of their illness. None of the patients were in the houses during the search. Four medical doctors were invited as observers. In other words all subjective influences on the test had been excluded. In the first house Dr. Curry found by dowsing two Geopathic Stress lines under a bed and he said that if anyone had slept there for any length of time they would have been affected in the region of the pelvis. One of the doctors had to admit with astonishment that the bed had first been occupied by a mother and later by her daughter-in-law. The mother had died 15 years ago and the daughter-in-law 5 years ago. Both died of cancer of the uterus.
In another house Dr. Curry found GS lines crossing the head of the bed. Again he stated that the person sleeping there must have cancer of the throat . He was informed that he was correct. In the third house a GS line was found at the foot of the bed and Dr. Curry stated that the previous occupant had a cancerous tumor in the leg, the patient’s doctor confirmed this. All those searched gave the same result, when GS lines were found to cross under beds.