Negative Effects on Human Life due to harmful natural EMF present at home and surroundings.


Sensitive human body, brain and DNA  are highly sensitive to such invisible killer frequency and leads to following possible effects on human behavior asper immunity if you stay in such surroundings ofGeocosmancy subjects. Our locations must be verified using remote checking antenna methods  to get clear picture whether we are using proper environment or not.

What is the Geocosmancy ?

(Natural Electro Magnnetic Radiations EMF)


Natural EMF type 1  Earth Stress Current

ØFirst basic Natural radiation is emerging from centre of Earth which is called cancer lines or  Geopathic stress in Europe and Egypt. This is root cause of 90% of cancer and any critical illness developing in Human body. It is due to shift in Earth Resonance frequency and Micro water Grids below the earth layers

ØIn 1930, German Dr. Hattman proved after studying thousands of cancer case and declared that “ Cancer is a disease of Location “.

Ø In recent time most of the medical science including WHO confirms that there is a confirmed  relation between illness and location where the patience sleeps.

ØEarth layers includes melting metal at core having more than 5000 Deg Cell temperature, Coal blocks, Black Streams causing Accidents, Micro water grid below 50 to 100mts form surface create deviation in Human brain wavelength. Hence disturbance in behavior and efficiency.

Natural EMF type 2 from Radiactive and other minerals.

ØNatural Radiations emerging from Negative Radioactive minerals are the most dangerous for human health and DNA cells.

ØAll types of atomic minerals, radio active materials, Radon, Uranium, Radium, even coal blocks are very harmful if located below the earth layers where we stay and work.

ØIt is very effective and capable of creating instant killing of DNA cells there by creating sudden health problems and abnormal behavior in human.

ØProtection from such waves is the  must for efficient and healthy life.

Natural EMF type 3 from Human and Animal Bones under earth layers.

  • ØAnother ignored effective and harmful radiation emitted from buried human  bones  , Animal bones, sites area like Historical place- kingdom palace- War sites etc where such killing might have taken place during war or punishment or mass killing by attacks and dead bodies buried under the earth  later on in mass.
  • ØAlso old Lakes, Ponds and part of halted River sites also generates such  harmful negative waves.
  • ØIt Emmitts 2.75 cm Skeleton Wavelength capable to damage DNA/RNA cells if staying for few weeks or months based on amplitude of Electro Magnetic Waves.


Natural EMF type 4 from Kingdom warland area

  • ØAnother important disturbing wavelength measuring 4.2 cm EMF wavelength measured from Buried entities .
  • ØIn many religion buriel is compulsory after death except in Hindu rituals where they burn the body till it dissolve in the environment.
  • ØAlthough somewhere it is considered as spiritual place but according to wavelength of such environment, or if such place are under your house or working location, you might  receive harmful EMF from such place under your staying area . One must get natural shielding of EMF from such locations.



Natural EMF type 5 from Radiation infected material in our premises.

ØAnother typical stress generating materials found in our working area  are……..

(a) leather articles made from killed animals,

(b) cloths made form radiated land cotton,

(c) furniture made from a radiation land tree wood,

(d)materials manufactures from negative chemicals,

(e)all decorative plastic flowers,

(f)Construction Material like cement sand, steel, paints etc. transmits sever negative waves capable of damaging DNA cells and human efficiency.

ØMost of the construction materials recovered from mines having extreme negative radiations creates bad construction and invites severe stress.


Natural EMF type 6 from Live Infrared Entities and Orbs.

ØSpace Radiations are equally important Electro Magnetic Radiation or Negative Energy in our surrounding area where we stay and work.

ØI have observed sudden increase in statistic of presence of such radiations from 5% to 75% in last 8 years during my  various location scanning tests.

ØThere are so many unknown sources of these Live Infrared and Live Ultraviolet radiations and many of them are also shocking one and big challenge for the Science.

ØSpace Radiations can  also be captured on IR cameras and are also called ORBs.

ØORBs have been broadly interpreted as highly variable range of celestial , supernatural, Alians, unknown lights, Energy fields, Energy Patterns, Angels, Paranormal waves etc in the environment where we stay and work.


Natural EMF type 6 from Human Bio field Aura.

ØIn addition to all  natural radiation existence  in various location, our human body is also capable of absorbing many extreme harmful radiation in his bio energy field of surrounding body and later  it becomes source of EMF .

ØThere are various types of wavelength measured in human bio energy in terms of health problems detections. Some of them are

(a) body infected by  negative elements including paranormal ORBs,

(b) measuring soul and body Energy Level  which relates to Auric immunity ,

ØRussians are 20 years ahead of all the countries in Human Aura reading and its Research.

We read and resolve all human bio energy data  most effectively and instantly using Lecher Antenna.


Effects on human body, health and various research done so far

3. Still healthy 4. Cancer of ovaries

No. 3 and 4. Beds of the Frank couple. Here the wife sleeps on a cancer area: water, geological fault and grid line crossing in the stomach area. No trouble for 25 years as life style was holistic. After the resistance had been broken at last, disease set in, probably with cancer of the ovaries, metastases in liver and lung. Treatment in hospital for a fortnight with Zytostatica remained futile. Died six weeks later.

5. Bladder trouble 6. Stomach cancer

5. & 6. Wittmann couple. Cancer bed is no. 6. Crossing water/geological fault and grid line over the abdomen. Mrs. Wittmann was operated on for cancer of the abdomen a year ago. Mr. Wittman declares that he often has to get up during the night to pass water. When he does not sleep at home he does not have this trouble. Geological fault (the sides have a stronger effect) and grid line crossing in the region of the bladder, but no water line.

7. Head trouble 8. Cancer of stomach/colon

7. & 8. Both beds of the Dasch couple lie on a crossing water/geological fault and thus are cancer beds (grid line crossing in the region of the stomach). The wife says that instinctively she moves to the side of the bed. The resistance when on interference zones first of all declines in the organs which are constitutionally the weakest — in this case obviously the head: headaches, sinusitis, neuralgia in the head region. The beds have only been in this room for the last four years. Before they slept in a different room. According to Mrs. Dasch their health has been deteriorating ever since they moved rooms. A crossing of interference zones in the stable was responsible for two cows being infertile.

Typical Multiple Sclerosis site    Typical Cancer site

Mr Wolfgang Mers, Riestatt 8, 3110 Uelzen, has tested several MS beds and has found that all MS patients were on a threefold crossing in the region of the back.
Dr. Phys. Paul Schweitzer had already published exact details with sketches in “Krebs geschehen” No 4/81, which we here reproduce. He also found a threefold crossing in the back area with all MS patients and emphasized that in the case of MS all zones are right-circling and in the case of cancer all zones are left-circling.

More Case Studies of Earth Radiations from British Scientist Alf Riggs.

Case Study 01 – Brain Tumour (Leamington Spa – Warwickshire).
Man with a brain tumour awaiting treatment. This case was part of a blind-test, where I was called upon to investigate a house without being given any information as to any problem related to the occupants. During the course of checking all the rooms I found two different types of radiation crossing in the area of a pillow on a double bed and was able to state based on my experience that this was a potential brain tumour site. It transpired that the man sleeping in the radiation zone had been diagnosed as having a brain tumour, about one third of my investigations are undertaken in a blind test situation



Case Study 02 – Brain Tumour (Putney Bridge – London). Two year old girl suffering from a stem cell brain tumour. The magnetic field anomaly measured over a few centimetres in the centre of the pillow was 32,600nT, this field was generated from the springs in the mattress. The girl did not respond to medical treatment until the mattress was replaced with a non-spring mattress, following which, the area was measured again and found to be normal.




Case Study 03– Breast Cancer (Ipswitch – Suffolk). Woman with cancer of the breast. Hospital claims to have spent in the region of £100,000 on treatment over a two year period, and at one stage it was said to be cured but returned after a short remission. It is important to understand that it is necessary to remove the patient away from the radiation site before any treatment begins, since it has been my experience to find that no therapy works to its full potential when those being treated are left to sleep on the radiation site that caused the problem in the first place. The combination of a subterranean water course intersected by a two banded Hartmann line is often found crossing the sleeping site of females with breast cancer


Case Study 04– Breast Cancer (East Grinstead – Sussex). Woman died from cancer of the breast after spending two years on this sleeping site. Male suffering from Parkinson’s disease, their cat slept on the floor near the bed and died from cancer after some 18 months on that site. The problem resulted from two subterranean water courses crossing the sleeping zone and from my observations over the years this represents one of the most lethal combinations.




Case Study 05 – Prostate Cancer (Mill Hill – London). Man with Prostate Cancer, not responding to medical treatment until I changed the chair that he sat on at his desk where he worked as CEO for some nine years, often for 10 hours a day. The chair he sat on had an anomaly measuring 47,000nT across the base of the seat. I made a through investigation of his residential and company premises, there were no other problems detected at either premises. There were many other chairs at his office not being used, after measuring the emissions with a Geo-Magnetometer, I selected the best one for his use. He went on to make a complete recovery.




Case Study 06 – Throat Cancer (Hamlyn – Germany). Man with cancer of the throat. His first wife died from cancer of the throat when sleeping on the same side of the bed. When he married again, his second wife choose to sleep on the side of the bed that was free of earth radiation relegating her husband to the side formerly occupied byhis first wife





Case Study 07 – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Dundee – Scotland).

Man suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last four years having slept on this site for a period of five years. Symptoms: A severe energy depleted state, insomnia, depression, headaches, short-term memory loss, muscle and joint pains, candidiasis and food intolerance, not responding to any form of medical treatment.



Case Study 08 – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Playa de Las Americas – Tenerife). Woman suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last two years having slept in that zone for just over three years. Symptoms: A severe energy depleted state, insomnia and candidiasis leading to an intolerance to a range of foods, the only type of hazard found to be a problem was the subterranean water course marked in blue on the chart.






Case Study 09 –Miscarriages (Cambridge – Cambridgeshire). Woman suffered three miscarriages during a three and a half year occupation of this sleeping site. The subterranean water course recorded on the chart represents the type of radiation that is commonly found in such cases, and again it is my contention that the miscarriage results are due to altered states within the bio-electric messages transmitted at cell level that are essential for a healthy progressive development. Her daughter who slept in the next room was sleeping on the outside edge line of the same




Case Study 10 – Multiple Sclerosis (West Hampstead – London). Woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. This represents a typical MS site with a combination of three specific types of radiation found to be present within the sleeping zone. The outside edge line of a subterranean water course, a two banded Hartmann line plus a highly disturbed magnetic field generated from the springs in the mattress.




Case study 11 – Child with Cancer. Two-year old girl with germ cell cancer of the brain not responding to medical treatment. An anomaly in the earth’s natural geomagnetic DC field of some 32,600 nT produced by the springs in the mattress was measured over a distance of nine centimetres in the area of the girls head. (Remember that metallic ore causes changes in the Earth’s natural magnetic field. This ore has been refined to its purest form to make the springs of our mattresses). After changing the mattress for one which had no springs she responded to treatment with a successful outcome.




Other Medical SYMPTOMS above EARTH Radiation areas

A survey of the world’s literature concerning GS shows a remarkable concordance of experience regarding the medical symptoms associated with exposure. A list of known symptoms from the Chinese Feng Shui tradition that I was given in 1996 was identical in every respect to a list that I had previously compiled from the Western dowsing literature and my own experience:

Pathological symptoms can include restlessness, difficulty in getting to sleep, excessive dreaming, excessively heavy sleep and sleep requirements, waking unrefreshed, cold or restless feet and legs in bed, asthma and respiratory difficulties at night, fatigue and lethargy, unexplained mood changes, aggression and depression.

Cancer is the most notorious of these, and tumours are known to develop almost always at exactly the spot where two or more GS lines cross a person’s body as they lie asleep in their bed. All mammals are considered to produce cancerous cells on a continual basis, though they are also continuously destroyed by the body’s immune system. Stress on the immune system caused by GS is seen as responsible for the resulting overgrowth of cancer cells. Professional dowsers tell many stories of patients whose tumours have mysteriously disappeared after moving their sleeping position away from the GS lines.

Digestive problems particularly associated with GS include loss of appetite, gastric debility, and Crohn’s disease (e.g. an area of East Grinstead in Sussex famous formerly among local G.P.s for having an unusually high concentration of patients suffering from this debilitating bowel disorder).

Heart diseases of all types can be linked to GS, along with hypertension, hyperactivity, kidney stones (e.g. ditto in a street in Newick, East Sussex), loss of balance, allergies to food, drink or environmental triggers, migraines, asthma, eczema, arthritis and rheumatic disorders – sore joints will often coincide exactly with the crossing point of negative earth energy lines under the bed.

Leukaemias and lymphomas may also develop, and are generally associated with an ionising radiation or electro-pollution component to the geopathic stress under the patient’s bed.

Endocrine dysfunctions of all types can be provoked, including pituitary – giantism, dwarfism, thyroid – hyper or hypo, adrenal – hyper or hypo, and menstrual – infertility, disturbed menses, fibroids, PMS.

Wasting and paralysing diseases may develop such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other diseases of the central nervous system, flesh, muscle and peripheral nerves such as necrotising fasciitis and myasthenia gravis (all illnesses diagnosed as ‘Earth element disorders’ in traditional Chinese medicine).
Also linked in the literature are the onset or worsening of tuberculosis, A.I.D.S., E. coli food poisoning, B.S.E., S.A.R.S.

Paediatric Symptoms

Fertility problems come high in the list – infertility, history of miscarriage, difficult pregnancies, premature births, unhealthy new-borns, Down’s syndrome and other genetic abnormalities are found.

Women are generally more sensitive to geopathic stress, and the endocrine system particularly sensitive to it. If the maternal bed during pregnancy is compromised, then the baby’s development will be affected, including a baby girl’s approximately 25,000 eggs, by geopathic stress which can include ionising radiation. This can potentiate genetic abnormalities or weakness in future generations.

Foresight, the British pre-conception care organization, now suggest that all couples trying for a baby should get their homes checked for geopathic and electro-magnetic stress (Storks will not visit, let alone nest on geopathically stressed locations!).

Cot death, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, has well-established connections with exposure to geopathic and electromagnetic stress, microwave communication transmitters, proximity to nuclear power plants and research establishments, and baby dribble reacting with fire-retardant chemicals in cot mattresses (as well as a compromised breathing control area in the brain-stem caused by an impacted occiput at birth, and treatable with cranial osteopathy).

Babies crying continuously can often be relieved simply by moving the cot a few feet away from the geopathogenic zone. Babies repeatedly found sleeping in one corner or edge of the cot, (or children and adults repeatedly falling out of bed), are probably instinctual attempts to escape from the worst of the GS. The diagrams below, from respected British dowser Rolf Gordon, are cases where babies have been trying to avoid GS in their sleep. All the babies slept peacefully after their cots were moved to a GS- free place.

Other paediatric symptoms include bed-wetting, eczema, asthma, allergies including hay-fever, failure to thrive, chronic gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances including night terrors (if your child complains of monsters under the bed, they’re probably right!), learning difficulties, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder.

The respected Austrian researcher Kathe Bachler surveyed over 3000 school children, and showed 95% of children with learning difficulties, hyperactive tendencies or continuous bad behaviour, either slept or had their school desks (or both) in locations with marked GS (see Biblio.) When she moved the children into stress free places, they nearly all showed a marked improvement, often going from bottom to top of their class in one term. She concluded that GS affects a high proportion of children who continuously play truant or who are refused places in ordinary schools due to misbehaviour. Class teachers in schools suffering with GS also have a high rate of absenteeism.
Exposure to GS during childhood can make a person particularly sensitive to it for the rest of their life, as well as prone to choose to inhabit places with a similar and familiar level of geopathic stress.

Post Viral Fatigue

Another cluster of symptoms occur around the diagnosis of post-viral fatigue or myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.). They can include chronic fatigue, severe muscle pain, exhaustion after smallest physical or mental exertion, headaches, dizziness, inability to concentrate, hypersensitivity to temperature changes or light, pallor, lack of patience, and feeling of wretchedness.

M.E. is usually triggered by the contraction of a virus such a glandular fever, an emotional shock or a physical accident, and displays symptoms of a compromised immune system, particularly of the spleen and thymus. It is almost invariably a disease with a strong GS component. G.S. can manifest as any of the above symptoms as well as many other chronically depleted energy states and impaired immune and lymphatic systems, including chronic candidiasis.
Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders include insomnia and restless sleep, as if the body is on continuous alert, with bad dreams (you may be partaking of aspects of the same nightmare as others asleep on the same disturbed water line), sleep-walking, teeth-grinding; awaken in the morning feeling unrefreshed or with fatigue, muzzy head, headache, backache, cramps, feeling cold, tingling in arms and legs.
Psychological Issues

Mental disorders also figure prominently including schizophrenia and variations, addictions and obsessions (the focus of the obsession may be explicable in terms of the causal trauma to the local earth meridians), depressions, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional hyper-sensitivity, psycho-sexual disorders, suicidal thoughts, short term memory loss, anorexia and bulimia.


1. Baron Gustav von Pohl. Germany (1920s) Von Pohl was able to determine that 2.5 of all the homes surveyed had some form of geopathic stress. He also determined that 95% of all cancer cases had connections to geostress.

2. Ernst Hartmann. Germany (1940s-60s) Hartmann was the first to describe the global geomagnetic grids and their influence on geostress. After extensive testing that spanned over 30 years of research, he concluded that cancer is a disease of location.

3. Manfred Curry. Germany (1950s-70s) Curry continued on Hartmanns work, describing other global grids and their influences.

4. Blanche Merz. Switzerland (1920s) Merz was able to correlate geostresses to cancer, noting full moon variations, as well as correlations of north/south lines to cramps and rheumatism, and east/west lines to inflammation.

5. Ralf Gordon. England (1980s-90s) Gordon correlated cancers of the lung, breast, and cervix with geostress in 90% of all cases he studied.

6. Otto Bergmann. Austria (1987-89) In a two year trial which included over 462,000 measurements in 6,942 tests, Bergmann found geopathic stress effects on blood sedimentation, blood pressure, blood circulation, heart beat, breathing, skin resistance, and electrical conductivity of muscle points.

7. Kathe Bacheler. Austria (1989) In a survey that included 3,000 apartments and over 11,000 people, Bacheler discovered 100% correlations between geopathic stress and 500 cases of cancer she studied. She also found 95% correlation with problem children.

8. Pallegard. Denmark (1990) In a much publicized study, Pallegard correlated geostress in 14 out of 18 crib deaths.

9. Roger Rose. England (1990s) In a sample of 50 patients with myalic encephalomyelitis, Rose found 100 % correlation to geostress.

10. Christopher McNaney. England (1990s) In a sample of 175 nomadic gypsy families, he found only 1% cancer and 0% heart disease.

11. Robert Endrost & Klotz Biberach. Germany (1990s) In a study performed by architectural students surveying homes, Endrost & Biberach found 383 cases of geostress in a sample of 400 cancer patients.

12. Dr. W. Stark of Salzburg puts forward the following explanation: Many aspects of human metabolism depend on bio electric processes. Electro-physiological studies who that on assimilation of nutrients from the intestines into the lymph and blood stream depends on the polarization of electrical charges. On one side of the cell membrane are plus charges (+), on the other side are negative charges (-). Nutrients are transported from the intestines into the lymph and bloodstream when plus charges are allowed to re-enter the cell. Geopathic Stress will disturb this polarity in living cells.

13. Continuous signals from our brain control our body and enable it to function correctly at all times. Concentrated Geopathic Stress blot out these signals so strongly that the flow of information to the cells, glands and organs is more or less stopped. This has an adverse effect on the body. The stronger the disturbance the weaker the flow of information and the more marked the symptoms and pains become.Geopathic Stress has a strong effect on the correct functioning of the lymphatic system. The lymph fluid transports lymphocytes and antibodies, which are continuously patrolling through the body, ready to fight and destroy any foreign cells, such as bacteria, viruses or cancer cells. If the lymphatic system is not healthy, it is unable to destroy foreign cells, thus enabling cancer cells to grow and multiply. Your whole immune system is weakened .

14. Geopathic Stress is mainly caused by narrow paths of water about 200 – 300 ft (60 – 90 meters) below ground (also on top of mountains). The narrow water path creates an electromagnetic field, which distorts the earth’s natural vibrations, as these pass through the water. It is in particular the 7.83Hz (cycles per second) which are beneficiary and which we have lived with for millions of years. This is also the optimum part of the Schumann waves and Alpha vibrations. It has been confirmed by NASA the 7.83 Hz vibrations are incorporated into spacecrafts, otherwise the astronauts could only live in space a short time. Certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, moving underground plateaux and underground cavities can also disturb the natural earth vibrations. Strong Geopathic Stress can cause the body’s vibrations to rise as high as 250Hz. The U.S. scientist George Lakowsky confirmed in the thirties that humans (as well as animals) have less chance of fighting bacteria, viruses and parasites above 180 Hz, so they love humans and animals that vibrate at high levels.

15. The Chinese knew the harm Geopathic Stress (GS) could cause over 4,000 years ago and avoided building houses on stressful places they called ‘dragon lines’. From a Neolithic (New Stone Age) village in Orkney, through to many Bronze Age hut circles in Dartmoor, to American habitation sites of the Adena and Hopewell people and the homes of the Inca residents high in the Andes – the inhabitants never built their homes over these life destructive high vibrations.The first recorded use of divining is thought to be in the ‘Caves of Tasseli nAjjer’ in the foothills of the Atlas mountains, which were discovered in 1949. They contain prehistoric cave murals, one of which depicts a dowser surrounded by his fellow tribesmen dowsing for water. These paintings have been proven to be at least 8,000 years old by means of the carbon 14 process.

16. Divining was known everywhere in ancient times by the Egyptians, Hebrews, Persians, Druids, Greeks, Romans, Hindus and the American Indians. Very little is mentioned of diving by ancient scribes and historians, as the art was a powerful and well kept secret.
The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had at least two diviners with her at all times, not looking for water, but for gold. Use of the technique is recorded by the Egyptians (3,000B.C.) and after the flight from Egypt the Hebrews are thought to have acquired good knowledge in divining. The activities of their leader Moses are recorded in the Bible: ‘thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink’ (Exodus 17:5-6) ‘ Take the rod….. and speak ye unto the rock…. and it shall give forth water’ (Numbers 20:10-11) which indicates that Moses was a skilled diviner. The Chinese Emperor Tu (2200 B.C.) is pictured with a divining rod. Druids no doubt divined for the correct site for Stonehenge.

17. The ancient art of divining has been misunderstood and condemned throughout history, mainly because it could not be explained how, by divining, one could find out about people and places in any great detail. In many cases distances make no difference. Many in the medical and religious professions have now accepted divining as a tool so long as it is for the good of mankind.In 1959 Verne Cameron, a Californian dowser demonstrated to the amazement of Vice Admiral Maurice E. Curtis and his fellow officers in the US Navy that he could accurately locate the position and depth of the submarines in the Pacific and distinguish between US and Russian submarines. Years later Cameron applied for a passport and was refused as the Navy contacted the CIA who considered him a security risk.
The British Army has used dowsing to find land mines in the Falklands and the Gulf. The US marines in Vietnam were trained to dowse for booby traps and sunken mortar shells.

18. As far back as 1929, Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a German scientist and one of Germany’s most talented dowsers, carried out many investigations which supported his theory that ‘one will not get cancer unless one spends some time in Geopathic Stress places, e.g. lying in one’s bed’. He devised a scale from 1-16 and found that any Geopathic Stress lines above the strength of 9 were cancer inducing. This was proved to the satisfaction of the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, who subsequently published his findings. In 1930, he read a paper to the Medical Congress in Munich, which inspired many doctors to carry out their own research.In his book ‘ Earth Currents – Causative Factor of Cancer and other Diseases’, von Pohl gives an account of how he drew onto a map of a town called Vilsbiburg (a Bavarian town with a stable population) all the Geopathic Stress Lines he could locate by dowsing. He was not familiar with the town and the operation was stringently supervised by Council officials and the Police, so he could not communicate with anyone and be given pertinent information which might influence his findings. A doctor then produced the details of the 54 people who had died from cancer since records were kept which were then compared to von Pohl’s map .

19. To the amazement of all present every single person who had died of cancer had slept for some time in a bed located exactly over GS lines. After this, he investigated the town of Grafenau with exactly the same results. Later he returned to Vilsbiburg where another 11 had died of cancer and all had slept in a GS place. Von Pohl estimates 1/40th of 2.5% of the earth’s surface is affected by Geopathic Stress. So what is the chance factor involved in these experiments? Is is purely coincidence that all cases investigated involved people sleeping in a GS affected area? The possibility of chance here is small and the results of these studies were accepted as clear and decisive. Many doctors attempted to disprove Von Pohl’s findings but none were successful. Dr. Rambeau M.D. President of the Chamber of Medicine in Marburg, failed over three years to find cancer patients whose beds were NOT located in a GS place. Numerous scientific studies have since validated von Pohl’s theory.

20. Dr. Hager, President of the Scientific Association of Medical Doctors with the help of a professional dowser Privy Councillor C. Williams checked the houses of 5,438 people in the town of Stettin, who had died of cancer and found in all cases that strong GS lines had crossed their homes. Of special interest was a survey of three homes for elderly people in the town over the previous five years. In the home with strong GS was found 38 had died of cancer. In the home with weak GS, 2 had died of cancer. In the home with no GS at all no body had died from cancer. In 5 houses built over particularly strong GS places he found an average of 38 cancer cases in 21 years.Dr. H. Nieper MD states: 92% of all my cancer patients and 75% of my MS patients are Geopathically Stressed’.Dr. Nieper is a world renowned cancer specialist and operates one of the largest MS practices in the world.Dr. E. Hartman MD is convinced after treating thousands of cancer patients over 30 years in practice that CANCER IS A DISEASE OF LOCATION caused by Geopathic Stress.

21. During a scientific test Dr. Manfred Curry a medical doctor and biochemist searched several houses where cancer patients had previously lived. Dr. Curry did not know the patients nor the details of their illness. None of the patients were in the houses during the search. Four medical doctors were invited as observers. In other words all subjective influences on the test had been excluded. In the first house Dr. Curry found by dowsing two Geopathic Stress lines under a bed and he said that if anyone had slept there for any length of time they would have been affected in the region of the pelvis. One of the doctors had to admit with astonishment that the bed had first been occupied by a mother and later by her daughter-in-law. The mother had died 15 years ago and the daughter-in-law 5 years ago. Both died of cancer of the uterus.
In another house Dr. Curry found GS lines crossing the head of the bed. Again he stated that the person sleeping there must have cancer of the throat . He was informed that he was correct. In the third house a GS line was found at the foot of the bed and Dr. Curry stated that the previous occupant had a cancerous tumor in the leg, the patient’s doctor confirmed this. All those searched gave the same result, when GS lines were found to cross under beds.

Effects on various Enviournments of human life


Sources of killing radiations are generally Earth centre, Space area of location, Human body aura and outer planets electromagnetic effects and Paranormal presence effect on Human DNA of cell.

(1)Earth Radiation section
 Also know as Geopathic stress or Cancer Lines or Earth Radiation or Earth electric current. Emerges from centre of earth from melting metals.
 Radiation from Human bones , Animal bones buried under the earth surface.
 Radiation from negative minerals like Uranium, Radon etc.
 Radiation from Live entities under the earth know as Infra Red killer.
 Radiation from unknown areas and other energy field.

(2) Space Radiation Section :
 Radiation known as Infra red also known as ghost Orbs and invisible Entities frequency wavelength of 13 cm on Lecher Antenna.
 Radiation known as Ultra violets also know as Black Magic frequency wavelength of 3.33 cm on Lecher Antenna.
 All Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation . and radiation from wood, cotton and leather.
 Earlier paranormal presence was considered as spiritual definition only but after deep research by EU and Other scientists, it is now proved that invisible conscious energies are very active and effecting cosmic energy balance of human stay which is highly needed for soul and positive behavior. Such live entities must be detected and removed using Scientific Paranormal shifter invented by Mr. Chetan Parekh in India.

(3) Human Body Section :
 Low Bio energy or cumulative chakra energy .
 Low Auric field around the human body.
 Live infrared presence around the body ( Ghost IR)
 Live Ultraviolet presence around the body ( harmful Black magic Frequency in the body).

(4) Radiation from outer Planets( Human Luck):
 It is also proved that Sun, Moon, Jupiture, Saturn and all other known unknown planets interfere with Earth Electro Magnetic field and hence interfering with Human DNA EMF field.
 This may change action, behavior and nature of Human body considerably.

Probable Effects of All above Radiation and Invisible frequency Pollution on Human Life /Education institutes / Business Environment /Health and illness /Hotels an resorts /Real Estate and Builders /Spiritual locations/ Public Places / Politics and Assembly House.

1) Negative Effects on Human Life :
Sensitive human body, brain and DNA of cells are highly sensitive to such invisible killer frequency and leads to following effects on human behavior if you stay on such land. Our Sites must be verified using remote checking antenna to get clear picture where we stay is suitable to human stay or not.

1) Recurring chronical health problems like cancer,kidney, brain dead etc.
2) Refusal to go to bed to sleep.
3) Unable to fall a sleep for an hours.
4) Nightmares, feeling some presence in the bed.
5) Vomiting in the morning.
6) Feeling lazy in the morning.
7) Continuos crying of child.
8) Rapid heart bits even after resting on bed.
9) Martial disharmony between couples.
10) Infertility, child birth problem, poor health of born baby.
11) Premature death in such locations.
12) Frequent fights within family members.
13) Cot death ( new born baby dealth).
14) Murder and robberies.
15) Accidents and other serious issues.
16) Premature aging
17) Hyper active or disable child.
18) Stress and general feeling of nervousness.
19) Depression or feeling unhappy.
20) Persistence bed wetting in the children.
21) Feeling hungry even after eating.
22) Cats, bees, ant nests, snakes etc near such location.
23) Grinding of teeth during sleep.
24) Anxiety, Autism, ADHD( attention deficit hyperactive disorder)

2) Effects on Education , school, students :

The education of children is highly effected if your location is suffering from such abnormalities. Our Sites must be verified using remote checking antenna to get clear picture where we stay is suitable to human stay or not.

1) Cause of fatigue and lethargy among the students.
2) Disruptive nature in the class room.
3) Bad behavior.
4) Fighting among the children group.
5) Acting impulsive by students.
6) Reacting with aggression.
7) Refusing to follow reasonable guide lines.
8) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in some students resulting in difficulties in paying attention, over active, poor result and under achievement.
9) Autism ( slow brain development).
10) Refusal to attend schools.

(3) Effects on Corporate and Business Environment :
Employees and Employer brain function as per GS stress present in your area. How DNA damaging can create havoc in business environment is clearly cisible.
1) Business plans get stuck and not moving forward.
2) Frequent failures of multiple projects.
3) Hostile staff relations.
4) Union problems in the office or factories.
5) Undue demands by employees.
6) Difficulties in selling products.
7) Payment recovery problems.
8) Frequent failures of machinery with electronics parts.
9) Short temper in staff and boss nature.
10) Functioning with under efficiency.
11) Continues loss or low profit in the business.
12) fast employee turn over.
13) severe payment crisis.

(4) Effect on overall Health , Illness in Human body.
Which kind of probable illness observed if we stay on such sites. German Scientists have concluded in 1930 that “ Cancer is a dieases of Location”. Cure such sites immediately.

(1)Cancer leukamias (2) multiple sclerosis (3) Parkinson disease
(4) Paralysing disease (5)Infertility issues (6) difficult pregnancy & miscarriage. (7) Head ache (8) Inability to concentrate (9) Hyper sensitivity to temperature and light (10) irritable and lack of presence (11) Down syndrome and Genetic abnormality (12) cot death (13) Allergies and Asthma (14) loss of balance.
(15) loss of memory (16) mental illness (17) addictions (18) Panic attack , Suicide etc. (19) Resistance for treatment.

(5) Effect on Hotel and Resort environment.

Do you think that your high class hotels and resorts are proper to take care of comfits feeling defined by DNA of customers arriving at your location ? Most of such properties are on wrong area and need to cure urgently using worlds only solution for such presence.
1) Uneasiness feeling by customers
2) Feeling of unseen energies in the room.
3) Difficulties in sleeping in the room.
4) Bad behavior with staff, hostile relations.
5) Repeated undue demands by clients.
6) Impulsive action and aggression by people.
7) Mood less behavior.
8) Not willing ot come again.
9) Sudden illness, wrong behavior,
(10) Payment crisis

(6)Effect on Builders and Real Estate Business environment.
Builders are highly effected by such invisible negative vibrations. Even buyers are getting severe effects of such environment on their health and prosperity.
1) Difficulties in selling properties
2) Projects are not moving forward.
3) Buyers /customers face severe problems after buying such sites.
4) Tuning problems within the people , partners, customers.
5) Sudden negative turn around in life.
6) Sudden payment crisis during work.

(7) Effect on Spiritual places and spiritual hunters .
What ever spiritual power gained by a person gets discharge if he stays or meditate on such sites. 90% sites are effected and hence failure in spiritual gain. We are the only detector who can identify your achievement level of meditation and spiritual growth.

1) Lack of concentration even in spiritual place.
2) Thinking of others even if during pray time.
3) No peace of mind.
4) No spiritual energy gain even after hard work.
5) Failures in third eye activation.
6) Very low Bio energy in the body of spiritual hunter.
7) Feeling stress, tension, anger, misbehavior, etc in such environment.
8) Lack of trust in God and Nature.
9) Money minded behavior and Negative thoughts.

(8) Effect on Public Places in such sites .
Affected area of public place fails to provide satisfaction to the people arriving there.
1) People do not feel uncomfortable
2) Lack of enjoyment.
3) Fighting within the people.
4) Irritating loudness and misbehavior by public.
5) Feeling stressed after arrival.
6) Refusing to come again at such site.
7) Feeling lack of energy at such sites.

(9) Effect on Politics and Assembly House built on such areas .
Political areas, assembly houses and ministers offices must be cured from such DNA killing frequency so that they can get natural guidance to take proper decision in favor of Nation.
1) Tuning problems within the political elected members.
2) No seriousness about serving Nations within the members.
3) Failures in Nation’s Development Plans.
4) Failures in International policies.
5) Failures in economic development of nation.
6) High negative practice like corruptions etc in the members.
7) Severe dispute within the Ruling and Opposition parties.
8) No mercy for Poor and needed people of the Nation..

Profile and solution expertise

Educational elements fo Mr. Chetan Parekh

  • Mr. Chetan Parekh completed his Bachelor in Engineering from NIT (National Institute of Technology), Surat in year 1987-88 in Electtronics and Communication field with Satellite communication as a special subject.
  • Mr. Chetan Parekh also successfully completed a course of Telecommunication Swithing in IISc, Banglore.
  • Mr. Chetan Parekh has also completed the course in Certified Financial Management in addition to the Technical matters.
  • He has also undergone special course of Human Aura Reading using European Photovoltaic Scanner of Digital images.

Work experience of Mr. Chetan Parekh

  • From 1987 to 1992 , Mr. Chetan Parekh was working as Research Engineer in Blue Satr LTD engaged in Telecom Projects execution and Production in collaboration with JS Telecom France.
  • From 1992, He started his own company SIP LTD in communication fields and worked for 7 years as Technical Director.
  • From 1999, Mr.Chetan Parekh is fully involved in Proprietary Research of Geocosmancy and completed it in 2008 after successful tests at various locations and human body. Also PTSD and ADHD effects can be regulated using this solution

Solutions Expertised of Mr. Chetan Parekh

  • Earth and Space Emitted Natural Radiations are  the most harmful natural waves present in human surroundings. These  Wave are responsible for many known and unknown problems of human kind.
  • There are various Nano tools are available to measure  harmful  natural radiations in our environment.
  • Mr. Chetan Parekh is holding high expertise in all the subjects of Geocosmancy first time in the world with highest energy generation from cosmic layers of earth and space. Some topics are Geopathic cancer zone, human bones animal bones zones, buried land zone, radioactive minerals zone, black stream zones, harmful minerals zone detection and removing their effects within few seconds only.
  • Highway Accidents zones are mainly a black stream of natural radiations which can be easily protected by his invention.
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Suffering Disorder ) in soldiers can be easily regulated by PTSD shield unit invented by Mr. Chetan Parekh.
  • ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in students is basic issue in all Education areas in the world. This can be easily regulated by his invented Earth Transmitters.
  • Every infrastructure is unsafe without involving Geocosmancy units. It protects and shields an immunity and efficiency in human brain.\
  • This can be widely used in Green Smart city, Health care Industries, Hospitals, manufacturing units, Homes and Office area of corporate world to improve efficiency and to fetch highest human out with joy and happiness.
  • All airports require EMF shielding to protect safe landing and take off. This can be easily achieved by installing Mr. Parekh’s Units.
  • There are unlimited applications of his inventions.
  • His  inventions unique in the World.