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Effects on Hotels and Resort Environment

Do you think that your high class hotels and resorts are proper to take care of comfirts feeling defined by DNA of customers arriving at your location ? Most of such properties are constructed in infected  area and need to cure . Possible effects are..



Probable Effects of All above Radiation and Invisible frequency Pollution on Human Life /Education institutes / Business Environment /Health and illness /Hotels an resorts /Real Estate and Builders /Spiritual locations/ Public Places / Politics and Assembly House.

Negative Effects on Human Life

Sensitive human body, brain and DNA of cells are highly sensitive to such invisible killer frequency and leads to following effects on human behavior if you stay on such land. Our Sites must be verified using remote checking antenna to get clear picture where we stay is suitable to human stay or not.

(Extremely Harmful Natural Electro Magnnetic Radiations EMF)


What is the Geocosmancy ?

(Natural Electro Magnnetic Radiations EMF)


Natural EMF type 1  Earth Stress Current

ØFirst basic Natural radiation is emerging from centre of Earth which is called cancer lines or  Geopathic stress in Europe and Egypt. This is root cause of 90% of cancer and any critical illness developing in Human body. It is due to shift in Earth Resonance frequency and Micro water Grids below the earth layers

ØIn 1930, German Dr. Hattman proved after studying thousands of cancer case and declared that “ Cancer is a disease of Location “.

Ø In recent time most of the medical science including WHO confirms that there is a confirmed  relation between illness and location where the patience sleeps.

ØEarth layers includes melting metal at core having more than 5000 Deg Cell temperature, Coal blocks, Black Streams causing Accidents, Micro water grid below 50 to 100mts form surface create deviation in Human brain wavelength. Hence disturbance in behavior and efficiency.

Natural EMF type 2 from Radiactive and other minerals.

ØNatural Radiations emerging from Negative Radioactive minerals are the most dangerous for human health and DNA cells.

ØAll types of atomic minerals, radio active materials, Radon, Uranium, Radium, even coal blocks are very harmful if located below the earth layers where we stay and work.

ØIt is very effective and capable of creating instant killing of DNA cells there by creating sudden health problems and abnormal behavior in human.

ØProtection from such waves is the  must for efficient and healthy life.

Natural EMF type 3 from Human and Animal Bones under earth layers.

  • ØAnother ignored effective and harmful radiation emitted from buried human  bones  , Animal bones, sites area like Historical place- kingdom palace- War sites etc where such killing might have taken place during war or punishment or mass killing by attacks and dead bodies buried under the earth  later on in mass.
  • ØAlso old Lakes, Ponds and part of halted River sites also generates such  harmful negative waves.
  • ØIt Emmitts 2.75 cm Skeleton Wavelength capable to damage DNA/RNA cells if staying for few weeks or months based on amplitude of Electro Magnetic Waves.


Natural EMF type 4 from Kingdom warland area

  • ØAnother important disturbing wavelength measuring 4.2 cm EMF wavelength measured from Buried entities .
  • ØIn many religion buriel is compulsory after death except in Hindu rituals where they burn the body till it dissolve in the environment.
  • ØAlthough somewhere it is considered as spiritual place but according to wavelength of such environment, or if such place are under your house or working location, you might  receive harmful EMF from such place under your staying area . One must get natural shielding of EMF from such locations.



Natural EMF type 5 from Radiation infected material in our premises.

ØAnother typical stress generating materials found in our working area  are……..

(a) leather articles made from killed animals,

(b) cloths made form radiated land cotton,

(c) furniture made from a radiation land tree wood,

(d)materials manufactures from negative chemicals,

(e)all decorative plastic flowers,

(f)Construction Material like cement sand, steel, paints etc. transmits sever negative waves capable of damaging DNA cells and human efficiency.

ØMost of the construction materials recovered from mines having extreme negative radiations creates bad construction and invites severe stress.


Natural EMF type 6 from Live Infrared Entities and Orbs.

ØSpace Radiations are equally important Electro Magnetic Radiation or Negative Energy in our surrounding area where we stay and work.

ØI have observed sudden increase in statistic of presence of such radiations from 5% to 75% in last 8 years during my  various location scanning tests.

ØThere are so many unknown sources of these Live Infrared and Live Ultraviolet radiations and many of them are also shocking one and big challenge for the Science.

ØSpace Radiations can  also be captured on IR cameras and are also called ORBs.

ØORBs have been broadly interpreted as highly variable range of celestial , supernatural, Alians, unknown lights, Energy fields, Energy Patterns, Angels, Paranormal waves etc in the environment where we stay and work.


Natural EMF type 6 from Human Bio field Aura.

ØIn addition to all  natural radiation existence  in various location, our human body is also capable of absorbing many extreme harmful radiation in his bio energy field of surrounding body and later  it becomes source of EMF .

ØThere are various types of wavelength measured in human bio energy in terms of health problems detections. Some of them are

(a) body infected by  negative elements including paranormal ORBs,

(b) measuring soul and body Energy Level  which relates to Auric immunity ,

ØRussians are 20 years ahead of all the countries in Human Aura reading and its Research.

We read and resolve all human bio energy data  most effectively and instantly using Lecher Antenna.