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Why Highway Safety is a cause of concern?

The number of deaths due to road accidents in India is indeed a cause for worry. The scenario is very dismal with more than 1,37,000 people succumbing to injuries from road accidents. This figure is more than four times the annual death toll from terrorism. Reports show that a person dies in a road accident every four minutes. At least 5 deaths are reported due to road accidents every day in Delhi and 16 children die every day in India because of the same reason.
According to a report prepared by the Transport Research Wing (TRW), the total number of road accidents has increased marginally from 4.86 lakh in 2013 to 4.89 lakh in 2014. The number of fatalities has also gone up by about 1.5%. Thirteen states – Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana – account for about 83.2% of the deaths.
While Tamil Nadu accounts for the maximum number of road crash injuries among all the states, Delhi had road accidents with 1,671 deaths and Chennai registering the second highest number at 1,118. Last year, 318 people died in 475 crashes in Ludhiana while 106 such cases claimed 63 lives in Dhanbad. The holy city of Amritsar registered 94 fatalities in 165 crashes.
The Government Steps in
On January 11, Union home minister Rajnath Singh launched the annual road safety week. The following actions are being taken to help reduce road accidents in India:
• The Indian Government has announced Rs 11,000 crore over the next five years to fix the engineering defects on roads across India.
• 726 “black spots” in the country where accidents are most common will be fixed.
• Work on 10 black spots in Delhi to be taken up as the first priority task.
• NGOs and citizens are being urged to conduct road safety awareness drives.
• A sum of Rs. 3 lakhs will be used to support the NGOs.
• The government will also conduct safety audits. This will constitute an assessment by specialized teams of 3000 km of highways this year to identify safety problems and suggest solutions.
It is time for the government to take steps towards constructing better designed roads, regulating the safety features of vehicles as well as enforcement of the traffic rules and regulations to help bring down the percentage of road accidents.

United Nations Wakeup call

Owing to the global and massive scale of the issue, with predictions that by 2020 road traffic deaths and injuries will exceed HIV/AIDS as a burden of death and disability, the United Nations and its subsidiary bodies have passed resolutions and held conferences on the issue. The first United Nations General Assembly resolution and debate was in 2003 The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was declared in 2005. In 2009 the first high level ministerial conference on road safety was held in Moscow.
The World Health Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations Organization, in its Global Status Report on Road Safety 2009, estimates that over 90% of the world’s fatalities on the roads occur in low-income and middle-income countries, which have only 48% of the world’s registered vehicles, and predicts road traffic injuries will rise to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030.

Reasons for an Accidents.

(1) Accidents due to Conventional Reasons.
(2) Accidents due to Harmful Killing Radiations Black stream belt on high ways.

(1) Conventional Reasons (Human Errors)

Bad Roads: India is said to be the fastest developing country after China. The nation is performing extremely well in fields such as education, industrialization and fashion. However, the conditions of the roads, be it the metropolitans, towns or villages, act as a major pothole in India’s complete progress. According to the Road Accident Report for 2014 prepared by the road transport and highways ministry, 75,000 people have been killed because of the killer roads of India.
Speeding: Another major factor contributing to the increased number of road accidents is speeding. The public fails to follow the speed limits, especially on the highway. This has resulted in 41% of the total deaths due to road accidents in India in 2014.
Overloaded vehicles: Be it passengers or goods, overloaded vehicles are also a major cause for accidents in India. It becomes difficult to control an overloaded vehicle. When a vehicle is carrying goods such as protruding steel rods, the result of an accident is even worse. Overloaded vehicles have accounted for 36,543 deaths in 2014.
Drunken driving: Even though driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited, many flaunt this rule, which at times results in road accidents. Even if the person under the influence of alcohol walks away safe from the scene of the accident due to the safety features of the car, the pedestrians and smaller vehicles involved in the accidents are not so lucky.
*Helmets: Two-wheelers account for 30% of the road accidents in India. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of severe injury by 72% and the risk of death by 39%, according to the World Health Organization. But only a handful of the cities in India have made the

(2) Accidents due to Harmful Killing Radiations Black stream belt on highways. (Geocosmancy)

Geocosmancy is the practice of identifying subtle energies, or ‘earth radiations’ that directly affect our health and well-being. It involves identifying those energies that are disruptive to our lives and balancing them. High accident locations on highways have also been correlated with earth natural radiation stress activity.
Black Stream is a distortion of geo-electromagnetic fields (EMFs), subterranean running water, mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities and cosmic radiation. These energies rise up through buildings and affect the occupants in a variety of ways. Driver can lose vehicle control due to severe radiation stroke. People can lose physical strength, energy, emotional stability and happiness. It is one of the primary causes of serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions.

Human DNA cells are extremely sensitive to such earth harmful radiations and especially Black stream is considered as the highest amplitude harmful radiation on Highways. It alters brain DNA immediately for a fraction of seconds as soon as vehicle enters on this radiation belt and brain control of driver alters due to this which leads to serious accidents on highways.
Black Stream patterns occurs when the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially, and the background field we normally experience is changed. This can happen when the natural radiations which rise up through the earth are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, sewers, drains, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.
These energies are often referred to as earth energies. Earth energies have many different features but most problems are caused by underground water streams and straight energy lines often referred to as Curry Grind Lines and Hartmann Grid Lines.

SCHUMANN WAVES Resonance is must on Earth Layers to balance Brain activities
•Are naturally occurring, beneficial electromagnetic waves.
•Oscillate between the Earth and certain layers of the atmosphere.
•First identified in 1952 by Professor W.O. Schumann, a German scientist.
•Are very long waves of extremely, low frequency.

•Are present everywhere in the atmosphere on this planet.
•Waves have similar frequency as brain waves and follow a similar daily pattern.
•It has been suggested that these waves help regulate the body’s internal clock, thus affecting sleep patterns, hormonal secretions, the menstrual cycle in women and so on.


(1) Geomagnetic BLACK STREAMS below earth layers of Highways and infrastructure:

• Black streams also Defined as underground radiation veins or streams that give off noxious radiations.
• It Can be easily harmful to life above them.
• It Can be conceptualized as earth meridians whose flow has become stagnant or polluted, giving rise to Negative Energy.
• Harmful radiation rises in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth’s surface.
• The two edge lines and the center line dowse as the strongest, sharpest potentially most dangerous places on the stream for habitual exposure.
• They Have been known to change their habitual course, especially after earthquakes and droughts.
• It is known to be stronger at midday, mid-summer, full moon, and during periods of heightened solar flare (sunspot) activity.

• It is also known to be associated with higher levels of ionizing radiation, lightning strikes and other atmospheric phenomena.
• Harmful Highway Black stream radiation rises in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth’s surface and above.
• The stream may be anything from 1ft – 3000ft deep and from 1ft – 300ft wide (the widest corresponding to a major ley line).
• The two edge lines and the center line dowse as the strongest, sharpest field and are potentially the most dangerous places on the stream for Drivers of Vehicles on Highways and habitual exposure.
• The edge lines are found to be more associated with physical diseases such as tumors, instant sleeping symptoms, while the center lines have more of an association with mental and psycho-spiritual disturbances. Where the underground water vein is a primary riser the edge lines are the more dangerous, while on the descending veins it is the center line that is the strongest (and over which standing stones are sited in ancient British geomancy).
• The streams may display tributaries and convergences, and dowsable echoes parallel to the mainstream. They may display course changes, especially after earthquakes and droughts.
• A Black stream is a sick earth meridian.
• There is a well-established link between Black streams and traumas to the earth’s etheric web that have caused the flow of harmful radiation to stagnate in the channels. Typical examples of such traumas include the building of railway and motorway cuttings, tunnels and embankments, quarries and mines, and building foundations, especially those with steel footings. Also implicated are heavy industry sites, power stations and electricity sub-stations, military bases, steel pilings, poles and road signs. Old battlegrounds and historical sites of trauma such as witch-burnings and executions can also retain much black stream, as sometimes can natural topography.
• On a subtler level, homes, shopping centers, airports and modern housing estates developed without any traditional foundation-stone laying ceremonies, without offerings made in good faith to the nature spirits whose land has been taken for development, will usually display signs of a traumatized Elemental life and stagnant energy in the earth meridians.

• Modern understanding of Geomagnetic Black stream radiations also recognizes a number of different sources. Generally, the most dangerous are the harmful underground water veins known to European dowsers as black streams, and to the Chinese as channels of underground dragon accident lines. Also important are geological faults, radon gas, mineral deposits, ley line crossings, and global geomagnetic grid crossings. Latterly, the entire spectrum of AC pulsed electromagnetic fields and industrial and medical ionizing radiation sources have also to be considered, as well as microwave and radio wave transmissions, and DC field disruptions caused by metal objects.

(2)Harmful Underground Micro Water Grids Radiations

• As water flows through underground passages, fractures and fissures, it produces its own electromagnetic field, often high into microwave frequency.
• This field fluctuates depending on what is dissolved in it, how fast it is flowing, and whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy.
• Interference with the earth’s natural energy field is particularly marked where these underground streams flow, and especially at the crossing points of two watercourses or other types of energy lines.
• In a league table of radiation associated with biological damage, the outside edge lines of subterranean watercourses are at the very top, and they are found in association with many terminal and debilitating diseases.
• A skilled dowser can easily detect this type of energy line. It can also be detected by a German analytical instrument developed by Dr. Ernst Hartmann and Dr. Dieter Ashcroft in Essen, which confirms this dowsable energy above subterranean water lines.
• The Genitor Felix-3, used in German universities and research institutes, detects ultra-short and radio microwave frequencies and prints them out on a UKW- Spectrometer and Line drawer.
• The radiation rises vertically above the underground watercourses, and the deleterious effects are evident many stories up.
• The adverse health effects may include deprivation of regenerating sleep resulting in arthritis, cancer, enhanced production of microbes encouraging mound and rot, degenerative diseases and rheumatism.
• The molecules of moving underground water interact with the structure of the strata it is flowing through, producing a positive vertical electric field, a dc generated magnetic field, radio frequencies ranging from 87 – 101 MHz and ultra-short waves which are organized into narrow bands about 6-8 cm wide.

(3) Harmful Geomagnetic “The Hartmann Grid “Radiations on Highways and Infrastructures:

• This was described by Dr Ernst Hartmann in the 1960’s. The network appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible radioactive walls. From north to south they are 25cm. wide and encountered at constant intervals of 2m., while from east to west they are 15cm. wide and the distance apart varies according to latitude from 1.2m. in Reykjavik, Iceland (63.36°N) to 2.06m. in Ried, Switzerland (40.50°N).
• Where ever two rays cross – a “Hartmann Knot”, a geopathogenic point is found. These single crossing points do not constitute much of a health hazard unless they pass through the area of the head in the bed site, which can cause insomnia, depression and migraine type headaches. Crossing any other part of the body in the vast majority of cases would not produce any discomfort. However, sleeping over crossings of double negative lines, which repeat at approximately 35m. intervals can cause nervous disturbances, headaches, cramps and rheumatic illnesses. Where the intersections coincide with harmful radiation streams the effect is greatly increased When these lines of radiation are in combination with A/C pulsed magnetic fields around and above 70 nT (Nano Tesla), or cross over the outside edge of a subterranean water course it can produce a depleted state of energy leading to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and an opportunistic environment for the growth of abnormal cells leading to cancer.
• The intensity of these lines increases three to four-fold at night when there are less free ions, just as radio waves are received better at night. Twenty-four hours before the arrival of an atmospheric low-pressure zone, a 100% increase of gamma rays is found (up to 300% on volcanic soil) on the knots.
• Twelve hours before an earthquake the thickness of the ray triples: beside the central ray app*ear two other weaker rays to left and right which are not normally detectable. At this time dogs howl, birds flutter madly in their cages, some cats hide under the quilt, and some people feel sick or need to sleep. During an earthquake, the Hartmann network becomes twisted and distorted but is restored half an hour later to symmetry.

• Dr Hartmann suggested that both Curry and Hartmann lines are earthing grids for cosmic rays that can be distorted by other energies such as those coming from a geological fault. This network penetrates everywhere in dwellings or on open ground, but Blanche Merz has found the grid to be pushed outside certain sacred structures such as the Egyptian pyramids and temples and Himalayan Buddhist stupas, creating a dense protective wall composed of up to seven rays around the perimeter, and a ray-free interior.

(4) Harmful Geomagnetic “Curry Grid “Radiations on Highways and Infrastructures:

• This grid, described by Wittman and Curry in the 1970’s, has much in common with the Hartmann grid but is oriented 45° from north. The south-west to north-east grid lines repeat every 2.36m and the south-east to north-west lines every 2.7m. The lines are approximately 75cm. wide, with medically significant double negative lines repeating every 50m.

• The double negative crossings are associated with accidents, sleep disturbances, depression and other nervous reactions, inflammations and rheumatic diseases and also with the sites of stocks and pillories, and hellebore plants.
• Double positive crossings encourage enhanced cell enlargement and proliferation, even to the point of cancerous growth.


• Geological faults, underground caverns and natural mineral concentrations all exhibit effects similar to double positive grid crossings. They are all associated with geomagnetic anomalies and higher levels of radon gas.
• Movements of the continental tectonic plates, which make up the outer crust of our planet, affect the Earth’s energy field. As the plates move together, apart, or slide past each other, there is a great crushing, buckling or heaping up of material which results in discontinuities such as faults, thrusts, fractures and fissures, which may not be obvious at the surface. These faults also occur on a smaller scale due to geological ‘creep’.
• The movements create more energy all the time and are especially large when earthquakes occur.
• The British Geological Society’s Solid Geology Maps show most of these localized faults, which can be from a few yards to several miles long.
• The mounting pressure within these faults affects the electrical field of mineral deposits, especially quartz-bearing rocks (piezoelectricity) and ironstone, and some sites will produce their own energy particularities, especially where they form an outlet for radon gas and other high particle energy.

How to Protect High ways against this accidental Radiations?,

• XHIGHway Belt Unit shield is prepared from proprietary researched molecule combination atoms heated at 120 degrees Celsius and produced wonderful fusion atoms capable to create a shield for highways and around human body.
• It regulates and acts as protection against all types of Earth radiations.
• It provides natural shield to the Driver’s body and brain against any kind of radiation effect and disorder, stress, hyper arousal, anxiety etc. by boosting the soul and DNA to an extremely high quality level.
• It starts functioning immediately as soon as it is installed at every predefined distance on highways.