Education institutes


Effects on Education , school, students :

Any kind of natural or man made radaitons are very effective badly on children due to general lower umminity level at this age. The education of children is highly effected if Scho, college or institution  location is suffering from such abnormalities. Our Sites must be verified using remote checking antenna to get clear picture where we stay is suitable to human stay or not.



1) Cause of fatigue and lethargy among the students.
2) Disruptive nature in the class room.
3) Bad behavior.
4) Fighting among the children group.
5) Acting impulsive by students.
6) Reacting with aggression.
7) Refusing to follow reasonable guide lines.
8) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in some students resulting in difficulties in paying attention, over active, poor result and under achievement.
9) Autism ( slow brain development).
10) Refusal to attend schools.