About us

Educational elements of Mr. Chetan Parekh

  • Mr. Chetan Parekh completed his Bachelor Degree  in Engineering from NIT (National Institute of Technology), Surat in year 1987 in Electtronics and Communication field with Satellite communication as a special subject.
  • Mr. Chetan Parekh also successfully completed a course of Telecommunication Swithing in Indian Institute of Science, Banglore.
  • Mr. Chetan Parekh has also completed the course in Certified Financial Management in addition to Engineering field.
  • He has also undergone special course of Human Aura Reading using European Photovoltaic Scanner for Digital images.

Work experience of Mr. Chetan Parekh

  • From 1987 to 1992 , Mr. Chetan Parekh was working as Research Engineer in BlueStar Ltd at Gandhinagar engaged in Telecom Projects execution and Production in collaboration with JS Telecom ,France.
  • From 1992, He started his own Telecome company SIP LTD in  communication fields and worked for 8 years as Technical Director.
  • From 1999, Mr.Chetan Parekh is fully involved and devoted in Proprietary Research of Geocosmancy and completed fully in 2008 after successful tests at various locations and human body. Also PTSD and ADHD syndroms effects can be regulated using this solution smoothly.

Solutions Expertised of Mr. Chetan Parekh

  • Earth and Space Emitted Natural Radiations are  the most harmful natural waves present in human surroundings. These  Wave are responsible for many known and unknown problems of human kind.
  • There are various Nano tools are available to measure  harmful  natural radiations in our environment.
  • Mr. Chetan Parekh is holding high expertise in all the subjects of Geocosmancy first time in the world with highest energy generation from cosmic layers of earth and space. Some topics are Geopathic cancer zone, human bones animal bones zones, buried land zone, radioactive minerals zone, black stream zones, harmful minerals zone detection and removing their effects within few seconds only.
  • Highway Accidents zones are mainly a black stream of natural radiations which can be easily protected by his invention.
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Suffering Disorder ) in soldiers can be easily regulated by PTSD shield unit invented by Mr. Chetan Parekh.
  • ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in students is basic issue in all Education areas in the world. This can be easily regulated by his invented Earth Transmitters.
  • Every infrastructure is unsafe without involving Geocosmancy units. It protects and shields an immunity and efficiency in human brain.\
  • This can be widely used in Green Smart city, Health care Industries, Hospitals, manufacturing units, Homes and Office area of corporate world to improve efficiency and to fetch highest human out with joy and happiness.
  • All airports require EMF shielding to protect safe landing and take off. This can be easily achieved by installing Mr. Parekh’s Units.
  • There are unlimited applications of his inventions.
  • His  inventions are unique in the World.